Should I get pay as you go phone or a contract phone

July 12th, 2012

Question? Should I get pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or a contract?

Answer:  How frequently do you intend to use and how much have you budgeted for is the two questions. You need to ask first then you can find a tariff either pay as you go or contract to suit your needs. Also, consider traditionally, infrequent users have recommended getting a pay as you go. But with new extremely low tariffs on the market that is no longer the case.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or a contract?

Pay Monthly contracts are now available at much cheaper prices. Allowing you to take out a contract with plenty of minutes and texts plus a free mobile phone. Which on pay as you go you would have to purchase separately. And keep great value for money even if you’re a light user.

Pay as you go is ideal for the user who only uses the phone in extreme circumstances. Such as emergencies or for someone who doesn’t want to enter into a contract.

So Is PAYG better than Pay Monthly Contract?

So Is PAYG better than Pay Monthly Contract? Well, there really are only two types of contracts available for mobile phones companies. Pay Monthly Contracts and PAYG also referred to as Prepay, Prepaid, or pay as you go (PAYG) as it’s more commonly known. Most noteworthy there are pluses and minuses to both as one offers you the ability of a contract method where you pay at the end of each month. Or Opt for Pay As You Go giving you flexibility and total control of how much you want to use and spend by just crediting your phone in advance.

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