Micro Sim Card

July 5th, 2012

What is a micro SIM?

New mobile phones and smartphones such as iPhone 4S uses a micro sim, just like iPhone 4. The micro sim is built into the standard sim where the standard sim snaps out and can be used in any phone, except iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

When you get your micro sim just gently snap the micro sim out of the standard sim then put the micro sim into your mobile phone.

Where is the SIM card inserted?

Your mobile phone requires a micro SIM card. Micro SIM cards are roughly 50% smaller than regular SIM cards, and can only fit into slots designed specifically for micro SIM cards. Micro SIM cards have the same capacity as regular SIM cards.

You can contact your mobile network operator to get a SIM card of the right size.

To insert the micro SIM card

Inserting SIM card into Sony Ericsson Xperia S

  • Remove the back cover, then insert the micro SIM card into its slot with the gold-coloured contacts facing down.

What does a micro sim look like?


How to get a micro sim

If you plan on getting iPhone 4S, you may want to get a micro sim in advance and swap your standard sim to a micro sim. That way when you get iPhone

Revert your micro sim

Need to use your micro sim in a phone with a standard sim slot? You’ll need an adaptor. You can get one in store, or if you ordered online, it came with your micro sim.

It’s a black case that holds the micro sim and is put it into the standard phone sim

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