How do contract minutes and texts work

July 13th, 2012

Question? How do contract minutes and contract texts work?

Typically mobile phone contracts come with a specified allowance of any network minutes. Network anytime minutes, and a number of texts; these free as part of the contract. If you exceed your allowance. There typically an overage charge which will be applied to your monthly bill.

Allowances reset at the beginning of each month. So minutes and texts usually not carried over from month to month. However, overage from the previous month will not be deducted from the next month. So you don’t need to worry about restricting yourself if you need to use a bit more one month.

Some contracts also come with a data allowance. This works like the minutes and texts allowances and usually. A figure offered in MB (megabytes, a unit of data size) or GB (gigabytes; 1000MB). Data use can vary with activity. Browsing a few web pages or checking your email account won’t use up much. But streaming video or audio to your phone can use up a lot more.

Occasionally tariffs also come with bonuses like free landline calls, unlimited texts, or additional data roaming. These are worth looking out for if they have what you want because they add a lot of value to the contract.

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