How can mobile phones be free

August 1st, 2012

Q How can mobile phones be free?

Mobile phones can be expensive. With some premium smartphones worth in excess of £500 + for each smartphone. If you were to buy them on their own. However, when you take out certain mobile phone contracts out the mobile phone networks offset the cost offering the handset for free!

The reason that mobile phones from a network given to you for free from that mobile phone networks subsidise them. Allowing you to get a good phone for very little or even nothing when you take out your mobile phone contract. On other contracts, the subsidy may not cover the entire cost of the phone.Free mobile phones hence, which is why some contracts also have an up-front cost.

Note Free mobile phones? Never the case as you will pay for the mobile phone in your monthly based contract. Hence why the mobile phone network will tie you into a  long-term contract. Ranging from 12 months to 36-month contracts.

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