Free giffgaff SIM Cards

July 3rd, 2012

To get a free Giffgaff sim card you need to provide your name and address and an email address where this will then be posted to you.

  • Fill in the form to get your Free SIM Card
  • Once it arrives s activate it & top-up online at Giff Giff
  • Also, Once you’ve topped-up, pop your SIM into an Unlocked handset.

Consequently, Once you receive your sim cards you can then get access to the goody bag offer. Therefore, Where for £10 a month you can get 250 UK minutes. Unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet.

  • Free calls to giffgaff numbers – Earn cash for signing your friends up to giffgaff and call and text each other for free.
  • Get a Micro SIM – giffgaff send out SIM cards to fit both Micro SIM & standard SIM. Simply complete the form on the right.

Giffgaff are offering Free SIM Cards

250UnlimitedUnlimited+ Free calls and texts to Giff Giff

Minutes Texts Data Extra benefits
£5 Unlimited + Free calls and texts to Giff Giff
Hokey Cokey 60 300 + Free extra minutes
+ Free calls and texts to Giff Giff
£15 400 Unlimited Unlimited + Free calls and texts to Giff Giff
£20 800 Unlimited Unlimited + Free calls and texts to Giff Giff
£25 1,500 Unlimited Unlimited + Free calls and texts to Giff Giff

Unlimited texts and internet
We are unlimited for personal mobile use – but not for commercial and automated use.

Free to giffgaff:
You need to top-up or buy a goody bag from your credit card at least every 3 months to receive free calls to the same network. If you don’t other UK rates will apply as above. The free giffgaff to giffgaff calls last for 60 minutes per call. So you need to hang up and re-dial if you want to keep talking.

BlackBerry add-on

So, For £3 extra a month get the BlackBerry Add-on to access BlackBerry Services.Note: Also, The BlackBerry Add-on is available combined with all Goody bags apart from data only Gigabags.

Offers and Prices Giff Giff Goody bags

Calls, texts, call forwarding and video calls to Giff Gaff Free*
Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines and call forwarding 10p per minute
Texts to other UK mobiles and landlines 6p per text
Voicemail 8p per call
Mobile Internet (up to 20MB) 20p a day
Free phone numbers (starting 080 & 0500) Free

Hence, You’ll have free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts for 3 months if you top-up with a credit or buy a goody bag.

Giff Gaff gigabags

MinutesTextsDataExtra benefits

£5 500 MB + Free calls and texts
1 GB goody bag 1 GB + Free calls and texts
£12.50 3 GB + Free calls and texts

Most Noteworthy, Giffgaff currently runs on the O2 network.


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