March 21st, 2018

EE Pay As You Go Sim Card Price Bundle Plans

The convenient pay as you go packs come with superfast 4G connection, minutes, texts and data. You just have to use your credit card to purchase the best pack for you and you will be ready to go. Choose the pack you want and every month the price deducted from your card. So you won’t have to worry about spending time without your service.

The pay as you go plans also come in SIM cards, you only need to pick your plan with the best bundle of minutes, texts and data that suits you and we will send you a SIM to your post. The prices start from €5 monthly fee up to more than €20 monthly fee. You can just pick the one you can afford.

EE Pay As You Go Sim Cards

In the €5 monthly fee range, we have two packs, the first one is the one that cost €1 called the Talk Pack which it’s a miniature pack that comes with 10MB of data. 100 texts and 200 minutes, its ideal for those who don’t really use their phones that much but still want to text or call once in a while. And that doesn’t really use their data.

The second and last one it’s called the Everything Pack which you can purchase for only €5 a month. It comes with 150MB of data, 250 texts and 50 minutes, this one it’s more flexible than the other one in texts and data. Because it’s for those that while they don’t use their phones too much they still need their texts. And some data to communicate when they want to.

In the €10 range, we have three packs, an improved Talk pack that comes with 50MB of data. 5000 minutes and unlimited texts, ideal for those who prefer the traditional way of mobile communication. The Everything Pack comes into play for those who rely more on data than the previous ones offering 1GB of data. Unlimited texts and 250 minutes. And if you spend most of your time online then the Data Pack it’s for you. It features 2GB of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes.

EE pay as you go bundle plans

Entering the €15 range we get two packs. The Everything pack that comes with 2GB of data, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes that works for those who have a good balance between internet communication. And traditional communication and the Data Pack that comes with 5GB of data. Unlimited texts and 500 minutes for those who while they spend most of their time online also use traditional methods once in a while.

Finally, we have the €20+ range that comes in three packs. A third level Everything pack that features good bundles for every communication mode with 4GB of data. Unlimited texts and 1500 minutes for €20. A second level Everything Pack at €25 offers 8GB. Unlimited texts and 2000 minutes for a more than a great balance between connection and traditional methods. And finally a first level. Everything Pack that comes with nothing more and nothing less than 16GB of data. Also, unlimited texts and 3000 minutes for those who use their phones every day and make use out of everything.

Every pack comes with 30 days of usage, EU roaming and 4G speed. If you still haven’t decided on a pack yet then you can just order your free SIM and your pack later on.



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