Compare Sim Cards and Save Money on Your Mobile Services

July 27th, 2012

Compare Sim Cards, Most GSM cell phone users are aware that they have their phone numbers, contacts, pictures, texts and more stored on a sim card. This card, the Subscriber Identity Module, is a small circuit board that is placed on your cell phone in order to be identified by the carrier or phone service provider. They would not even consider the question, “Why should I compare sim cards to save money?”

This is because many cell phone users are unaware of the fact that they can get a sim free mobile phone, a cell phone without a sim card. Compare Sim Cards? All of these phones have the ability to use any network sim card for service. With a sim free phone, one can switch sim cards to meet their immediate needs for service and change again when their needs change.

When you compare sim cards for sim-only plans you will find many from which to choose. These different plans are available for the sim free phones and offer a much less expensive option for texting, land-line calling, international travel calls, and Internet usage. Compare Sim Cards? Any of these sim free cards will cost less than a prepaid mobile or contract for a mobile phone from a single company. With sim-only plans, there are no extended contracts, more service options, lower rates and more flexibility.

Compare Sim Cards

Here is a small list of break-down of some of the sim-only plans:

  • Spintel -Basic £9.95 for a one month contract
  • Vodafone – 200 MB Internet/ contract for one month for £20
  • Dodo – Flexi Plan £9.90 for a six-month contract
  • Optus Cap BYO (Bring Your Own Mobile Phone)- unlimited Facebook and Twitter with two months free access £34.00 a month for 12 months
  • IPrimus Saver – £9.95 for one month

Most of those listed above are for the most basic plans. Compare Sim Cards? You can have add-ons such as unlimited texting, Internet services, which will cause the price to be higher. When you compare the sim cards with the add-ons, you will notice more of a discrepancy in the prices. However, the prices with all of the included services will not cost anywhere near as much as a contract price that you will have to pay for a networked mobile phone service. So, compare sim cards which offer the services that are necessary for your communication and budgetary needs, Compare Sim Cards get it, put it in your phone and you’re ready to go.

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