Automatic Wifi

June 29th, 2012

Free Automatic Wifi for mobile phones, where 37  companies that specialise in communication around the world have signed up for a test program in offering a new Hotspot 2 Wi-Fi roaming – and billing platform using commercially available routers.

The new Hotspot 2 will allow all mobile handset, tablet or e-reader to automatically detect. Connect to and register with the New Hotspot Wi-Fi station.

The test period will run under Wireless Broadband Alliance which based on Generation Hotspots. NGH are already capable of authenticating users via the SIM in a smartphone or stored credentials for laptops and tablets ensuring instant connectivity without the need of usernames or passwords.

Free Automatic Wifi for mobile phones

Hotspot 2 will let your device to negotiate a connection without involving the user. So one’s handset can link up to a Wi-Fi location automatically, just as it does to a cellular connection today. The link is verified by one’s home network, which bills by time/data/flat fee as specified in one’s contract (most likely a flat fee. But other options exist). Once the connection has been established. The data routed locally onto the public internet. In contrast to cellular data connections which always routed back to the home network before emerging into the raw internet.

Hence, Networks that involved Telefonica. Orange and TalkTalk as well as other impressive mobile operators such as BT, BSkyB, Boingo, Oi Wi-Fi. Time Warner Cable and Skype among others. All companies who’d like to offer billable connectivity to their customers without being reliant on the cellular networks.


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