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April 24th, 2014

Best Apple iPad 3

New iPad gives you a hands-on experience where you’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. The new iPad display, camera, and the wireless connection are better. All of which makes the new, third-generation iPad capable of so much more.

Plus the A5X chip with quad-core graphics is four times the pixels of iPad 2 with a battery life of 10 hours.

Four times the number of pixels in iPad 2 

The Retina display on the new iPad features a 2048×1536 resolution in the same 9.7-inch space, 44 per cent greater colour saturation and an astounding 3.1 million pixels. That’s four times the number of pixels in iPad 2 and a million more than an HDTV.

Apple engineers elevated the pixels by separating them from the signals. Every pixel in a display has multiple signals telling it when to light up. But when you have a lot of pixels and a lot of signals on the same plane, signals get crossed and image quality suffers. To make sure everything on the new iPad looks crystal clear.

iPad Flash storage

iPad is always ready even if you use a few minutes here, an hour or so there. Each time you press the Home button or open the Smart Cover, it’s ready to go. Instantly. Flash storage is fast and reliable, so you can use your apps when you need them.

Record HD video in full 1080p.

The iSight camera on the new iPad offers 1080p HD and automatic video stabilisation, your recording is free of bumps and shakes.

As megapixels matter and the camera’s optics, image signal processor and software. The iSight camera uses advanced optics to give you 1080p HD. With an ƒ/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens, it captures light efficiently to produce a sharper overall image. And the hybrid infrared filter typically reserved for expensive SLR cameras keeps out harmful IR light for more accurate, uniform colours.

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