what you get for up to £15 sim card credit

July 9th, 2012

What do you get for up to £15 SIM card credit? Prepaid SIM card benefits 

Why to go for prepaid SIM cards?  

If you are going to any overseas destination, you would prefer to only use your own home cell phone or SIM. That is not the best idea. Using mobile handset from home could cost you thousands of dollars in roaming charges. You will also be charged just for receiving calls. Get yourself a Prepaid SIM Card! They are your real friends throughout your journey. Know their benefits. Also know what you get for up to £15 SIM card credit.

Benefits of prepaid SIM cards:

Track your spending: With a prepaid SIM card, you can have a track of all the spending you make. Buying a prepaid SIM card will help you know your spending each time you will make a call.

No unexpected phone bills– Post paid SIM cards may bring you an unexpectedly phone bill when you get home. But, a prepaid SIM card can help you get rid of that long list.

Privacy maintained– If you buy a prepaid SIM card, you do not have to give any of your personal information to a carrier. You can get one and start using it.

What you get for up to £15 SIM card credit?

As we described that prepaid SIM cards are filled with numerous benefits, £15 SIM cards offer you great schemes as well.

You can get up to 60 FREE Local SMS with these SIM cards. All you have to get is a top up of £15. You can enjoy up to 1200 free SMS and $15 free credit.

So browse some websites that are offering prepaid SIM cards, look for the great offeres attached to each card and locate which is best suited for you. Do not take a hasty decision. A little research before the final purchase is always useful. You can get a lot of information about ‘what you get for up to £15 SIM card credit’ from the website: http://www.simfree.com


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