What is a Free Sim and How can it Benefit You?

August 3rd, 2012

Pre-paid mobile phones come with a free sim card. Which is like a mini hard drive in that it keeps all your contacts, text messages. And other personal data so that you can take this card out and put it into another phone. All your information will transfer to the new phone and leave nothing on the old Pre-paid mobile phones. Which makes life much easier for you. Because the card is free and there no activation fees associated with starting your service. It just makes good sense to choose this route over the expensive contract plans that lock you in for two years.

The sim is initials for Subscriber Identity Module and this card is very small and thin with a memory chip that typically sits underneath the battery of the cell phone. It is easy to put in and easy to remove. When you keep all your data on the free sim. Hence, none of your information ends up staying on the old cell phone, which keeps anyone from accessing your information. This makes the sim card a much more secure way of storing your Pre-paid mobile phones information.

Pre-paid mobile phones

What makes the free sim desirable over other types of services is the ability to change phones quickly if you needed to. Let’s say you have an old cell phone and your current phone either not charged or you broke it. You could easily slip your sim card out of the broken phone and put it on your old Pre-paid mobile phones. Turn the old phone on and your data will load so you can continue making calls as you did on your other phone. It is the ultimate in convenience and not losing your data is ingenious.

The free sim is recognized by your carrier rather than the phone, so as long as the other phone can take a sim card. You can literally use it on any cell phone you wish. There is no charge for the sim and with Pre-paid mobile phones you have no activation or monthly charges. You only pay for the minutes you will use. This helps you to keep a stricter eye on your budget

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