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April 24th, 2014

Free International Sim Cards If you plan to take your mobile phone abroad. Then like thousands of others you will be hit by expensive roaming charges which could double or triple your average mobile phone bill. With more people having to travel or choosing to go on holiday abroad using your standard mobile abroad extremely expensive. Due to international roaming costs which we all overlook until the bill hits the doormat. So consider Free International Sim Cards by WorldSIM.

Now there are options with companies such as WorldSIM. You can slash the roaming charges of using a mobile phone abroad by as much as 95%. For holidaymakers. This can translate into savings of over a £100 for a one week holiday to Europe say, and for regular business travellers. The annual savings can be over £1000.

Sim free have created a Tariff comparison to show you how much you can save on roaming charges with WorldSIM compared to your standard network

Cheapest International Sim Cards

 Free International Sim Cards Savings
 WorldSIM O2              Orange       T-Mobile       Vodafone       
Calls Received FREE        £413 £225 £325 £313
Calls Made £88 £425 £363 £350 £423
Text Messaging    £3 £5 £5 £4 £5
Total £91  £842   £593 £679 £740
Saving  £752  


Can I use WorldSIM on any phone?
Free International Sim Cards by WorldSIM is compatible with the majority of phones bought in the last four years. However, your phone unlocked to use WorldSIM

My mobile phone unlocked?
To find out whether your phone unlocked, insert a SIM card from a different network into your phone. If it operates normally, it unlocked. If not, you can ask your operator for an ‘unlock code’ which they obliged to give you. Though conditions and charges may apply. Alternatively, you can unlock it yourself by taking your phone to an independent phone shop. Or by trying one of the independent unlocking websites for free International Sim Cards.


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